Who We Are

African Herbals specializes in the research and development of African Traditional Herbal Medicines and health products from heterogeneous African, Indian and Caribbean herbs, herbal extracts, spices and condiments. Our products are made from local wild crafted/organic herbs and spices, with no chemical additives or preservatives.

What We Do

African Herbal’s has a number of proprietary formula Mixes which are 100% Natural and contain no chemical or synthetic additives to prevent and cure a number of diseases like the Detox Mix, Tonic Mix, Malaria Mix, Feme Mix, Bp Mix, Dia-B Mix, Respiratory Mix, Anti-Viral Mix, Anti-Tumour/Cancer Mix, Immune Booster Mix, Blood Cleanser Mix, Weight Loss Mix, Bitters Mix, Digestive Mix, EPI/CNS Mix, Gout Mix, STD Mix, Arthitis Mix, Hepi Mix, UTI Mix, Fibroids Mix, Ferti-Feme MIX, Muscle Pain Mix, Goiter Mix, Sickle Cell Mix, Heart Mix, Dispomnia Mix, TB Mix, PARA Mix, Hernia Mix, Hemo Mix and Skin Disease Mix